Brendan Kamm (CEO, Founder)

Larry Rubin (Founder & Executive Chairman)

February, 2016
Professional Relationship Building, Tech


Thnks is a digital gifting marketplace for building professional relationships. The platform strengthens connections, enhances company reputations, and spreads appreciation in the business world. Thnks was launched to make being thoughtful and showing appreciation more convenient, cost-effective, and ultimately beneficial to business. The mobile app lets users send unexpected gestures through email and text with customizable messages and branding. Companies and professionals can send gifts like coffee gift cards, uber rides, gift baskets, holiday packages, and more. Thnks is the only mobile gifting app that covers the entire process. Its full transparency and data tracking capabilities empower companies to control and monitor the entire financial process of sending and receiving gifts. Thanks to Thnks, companies can shorten their sales cycle, attract more individual prospects, easily connect with customers and clients, and ultimately close more deals.