We are people-first investors.

Loeb.nyc represents a new approach to launching startups that pairs capital with the support of experts across a wide range of disciplines. We call it a venture collective.


Our team is your team.

Together we craft a customized program to accelerate a company’s go-to-market strategy. Drawing on Loeb.nyc’s deep bench of functional experts, we commit our talent and communal resources, moving beyond traditional venture capital. What emerges is a collective of builders, sharing knowledge, networks, and assets, to help startups level up.


Wired this way.

Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel launch billion dollar businesses. As partners for over 30 years, Michael and Rich have honed their wisdom and intuition to identify impactful ideas and steer startups on a trajectory of profitability.


A vibrant ecosystem.

We like our startups to be solutions-first. From beauty to FinTech, to health, our diverse portfolio companies impact their own industries while collaborating with their peers in the venture collective that is Loeb.nyc.

Shared Services

Hello, Problem. Meet Solution.

For startups, quality execution is the difference between success and failure. But with limited resources, founders and their teams are stretched thin. Our team of experts become an extension of our portfolio companies, allowing them to spend 100% of their time building their businesses. Our areas of focus include:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operational Support
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Design Services

Talent that grows.

Curious, inventive, hungry - we look for talent who can find their way to a solution without being given a roadmap. Grittiness can’t be underestimated, and neither can fun.