Andrew Kret (CEO)

Shaquille O'Neal (Investor)

May, 2017
Gig Economy, Workforce


Steady empowers workers in the “gig economy”. They aggregate freelance work opportunities, providing greater income stability, filling gaps between jobs, and establishing reliable income sources. Steady is leading a shift in the nature of how work works. The app and website let users browse personalized job listings for part-time, hourly, and on-demand work according to their zip code. The platform utilizes user data to connect people with nearby job opportunities that match their abilities, needs, and schedules. The data-powered solution enables people to better understand how to supplement and stabilize their financial earnings for a more steady livelihood. Based in Atlanta, Steady is the winner Money 20/20’s startup pitch in 2017. Shaquille O’Neal recently joined Steady’s team as an advisor and ambassador.