Loeb.nyc is a startup lab and early-stage private investor built on the belief that aligning the right people with the right ideas creates successful companies. We’ve been active in the entrepreneurial community for decades, and now, our brand new space in the heart of Midtown Manhattan will carry on the Loeb Enterprises legacy of developing successful businesses.

We are entrepreneurs, strategic partners, mentors, and industry experts who have launched and scaled enduring companies across industries utilizing proven strategies and techniques.


Founded in 2006, Loeb Enterprises is a privately-funded investment firm and startup incubator built and led by veteran entrepreneur Michael Loeb. The firm pairs seasoned entrepreneurs with experienced marketing professionals and technologists to launch disruptive and scalable consumer marketing businesses of enduring value. 


ScriptRelief, which brings significant prescription drug savings to Americans. ScriptRelief has saved nearly nine million Americans more than $1,000,000,000 on their prescriptions to date.

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Synapse Group, which revolutionized the magazine industry through the introduction of auto-renewable subscriptions, direct-to-consumer marketing prowess, and expertise in systems technology. After rapid growth, Time Warner acquired the company in 2005.

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Priceline.com, the leading discount travel website. Prior to founding Loeb Enterprises, Michael Loeb assisted Jay Walker in the creation and early funding of Priceline.

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Our Direct Investments
Genesis Media

Genesis Media is the creator of the industry’s first attention platform. The Genesis Attention Platform (G·A·P) is a holistic solution for advertisers and publishers rooted in understanding and utilizing the power of true consumer attention in today’s hyper-connected, digital landscape.


All The Rooms is the world’s first and only complete accommodations search engine. Essentially, it connects users with every type of accommodation – hotel, vacation rental, couch or hammock – to give them a comprehensive list of places to stay at every location on Earth. Our goal is to host every single room available to book on the Internet – that’s over 400 providers and 900,000 rooms.

SiO is the result of tireless research and refinement, SiO’s transformative capabilities stem from the science of its intrinsic medical technology. Even the name is a reflection of the organic components at work: Silicon and Oxygen. Together, these elements create the compound utilized by medical experts for over 30 years to reduce and prevent scarring and skin imperfections.

SingleComm is an all-in-one customer engagement platform offering true multi-channel customer service and sales across the channels customers want, while empowering agents with all the data they need.


Audience Partners has created a unique targeting solution using proprietary data, online data and public records, allowing advertisers to reach the right audience segments with the right message at the right time across all four screens. That means better data with less waste.


Dashride is a B2B SaaS startup providing taxi and chauffeured transportation companies with a full suite of on-the-go mobile dispatching tools to give them everything they need to compete in the e-hail era.


mobiSave is an intelligent mobile marketing system connecting consumer packaged goods brands directly to consumers. mobiSave’s unique technology enables shoppers to scan their grocery receipts and receive near-immediate cash rewards for purchasing specific brands. Through mobiSave, CPG brands receive the lowest cost-per-redemption of coupons and can use the unique data intelligence opportunities for a variety of strategic purposes.


bevRAGE is a mobile-enabled marketing, promotion and engagement platform that is revolutionizing the alcohol industry. bevRAGE allows brands to connect and reconnect directly with consumers to acquire new customers and build loyalty. By making it easy for consumers to explore and save on alcohol brands, bevRAGE drives traffic to key accounts — both on-premise and off-premise. Unlike traditional mail-in rebate programs, bevRAGE provides brands with the ability to measure ROI through real-time analytics, and to gain relevant and targetable data on consumer behavior.


WORKS is a career brand dedicated to inspiring, revitalizing, educating and energizing professional women striving towards career success. WORKS redefines career – making it glamorous, edgy and entertaining. We work with brands to develop and integrate our expert career insight into events, content and campaigns. At WORKS we’ve consulted with and created marketing programs for brands invested in the powerful market of young professional women. We’ve lent the brand trust that we’ve created with this market to assist the brands we believe are committed to bettering the lives of our market via sponsorship, as a spokesperson and in licensing programs.


LinkBee is a consumer-facing service provider of cutting-edge smart-home technologies. We partner with device and platform providers on a comprehensive platform for homeowners.


Finexio is the smart B2B payment network. The Finexio network eliminates commercial paper check spend by identifying and routing payments through a unique “network of closed loop networks”. Payments on the Finexio rails are seamlessly pushed into a supplier’s bank accounts at fees substantially lower than prevailing commercial payment costs. Finexio integrates into large payment aggregators, accounts payable automation, and procurement software platforms to enable them with a more efficient payment modality.


PrimaHealth Credit is a next-generation patient finance company that offers a total finance solution, flexible payment plans, and an easy-to-use mobile lending platform. PrimaHealth Credit is reinventing patient finance by offering smarter, simpler, and more transparent financial products that patients love and doctors value.


Fund Investments (LPs)
Our Agencies

Matchfire builds the next generation of tools, platforms, campaigns, brands and startups to ignite action and advocacy. Emerging or established, newly-funded or non-profit, Matchfire’s data insights, creative services, and marketing automation tools work together to change attitudes and actions.


DGDean takes well-funded businesses from startup to $100MM. By leveraging the power of the cloud and some brilliant minds in the tech and design industry, they get businesses to market with the right product at the right time. After you’ve launched, DGDean works with you to continually perfect your business performance through careful tracking, data analytics, and design response.



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